Staying in touch with friends, family & business has never been easier with a SIP Trunked account.

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Stay connected with a SIP Trunked account & start enjoying our lower call rates:

  • On your home phone
  • On your mobile
  • On your PC
  • On your tablet
  • At home
  • At work
  • On the move
  • Anywhere in the world!

How does it work?

SIP Trunked uses internet technology so your calls are made via a broadband connection instead of a telephone line. That's it in a nutshell! It's easy to set up & even simpler to use.

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Reduce your overheads

Need to reduce your home & mobile phone bills? No problem. With a SIP Trunked account, you can simply use your existing home broadband or even hop onto free Wi-Fi on your mobile to enjoy our cheaper tariff rates, reducing your overall out-going costs.

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Cheaper international calls

With an SIP Trunked account, you can now make and receive international calls at local rates, so you never need to be homesick or dread expensive phone bills again. Whether your at home or on your mobile, you can now always enjoy cheaper international calls.

Examples from our low-cost tariffs:

USA 0.9600 pence/min
France 0.8200 pence/min
Spain 1.3000 pence/min
India 1.8800 pence/min

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